Tuesday, August 2, 2011


You might have noticed I haven't been blogging very much ;)

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, so that limits the posting.

So far this week:

Yesterday CG said she didn't feel good, and she had a low-grade fever and stuffy nose.  I thought she might be getting a cold, so I let her stay home.  When I got home at lunch to check on her, she had shorts on with a purple shirt AND socks.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't care about fashion when I'm sick.  Anyway, we are happy about her speedy recovery.

Today JS played his DSi-XL (Nintendo) and got to the top of a mountain that he's been trying to conquer for a while.  After he did it, he came running out to tell his sister and me, and we gave him some high fives.  CG went "woohoo!" and decided she'd watch him play instead of watching iCarly. I don't even need to know what the mountain thing is--I just love that he was so happy about the game!!

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