Monday, August 29, 2011

29 august 2011

47th birthday images

Sugar coma on a plate a/k/a
Ice cream cake from Guzmans and Granny Old

B'day Balloon

Roses from my garden

without flash for color comparison

From Nana & Papa and Garrisons :)

White light :)

Good for contemplating, creating, and connecting.  There are many things in this picture that connect me to my family and friends today and every day.  I had a wonderful birthday weekend.

xo xo xo


  1. We aim to please...... :0) I am glad you enjoyed your birthday and presentssss... That 47 is a big number you must live up to it now.. We love you the Guzman Bunch~~~~

  2. I'm thrilled with the new pics of the lovely flowers! Especially....the roses! And the cake with the 4 flowers..Skye Nina being the least selfish of all, saying "That's o.k.! I don't need a flower!" Kudos to her for that! The cake was deliciouso! Hope you have a great day today! Massage anyone?!? Love her, Mami'