Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One year already-

July 21, 2009--one year at my "new" job. I suppose I can drop the new after this anniversary! I can hardly believe I've been back at work for one whole year.

A fellow came into the office a month or so ago with his elderly mother. She was very solemn and quiet, but he was chatty, and talked to our receptionist as he waited for his appointment time. He asked me what I did there and I told him, and he asked me if I liked it. I told him, "Some days I do." His mother laughed and so did he.

I've made friends and I've made enemies at the office. I haven't loved every single minute there, but I have loved some of it! I've made mistakes there that I know I'll never make again at any other job. I've discovered things about myself, and learned things about myself from others. I've been brought up to date on how things work in my chosen field, and figured out what nobody does anymore. I've learned more about and been reminded of group dynamics, and gotten a refresher course in human nature. And it's been invaluable for me to interact with professional people who acknowledge and appreciate my good work.

Ok, I'll sheepishly admit.... it was worth the year considering all the knowledge I've gotten. Who would've guessed?

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