Monday, June 12, 2017

Pulse: After One Year

It's now been a year since the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub. I live only a few blocks from there, but until this past Saturday, I'd never gone to the actual place. I wasn't prepared for how emotional I would be. I looked at the art that's been created. I scrutinized the individual memorials and noticed that most of the candles were burning despite the wind from an impending thunderstorm. Nearly everything on the grounds displayed powerful words: significant, disturbing, inspiring, heartbreaking. I wanted to sit down on the concrete and just be there, but I was afraid people would think it was weird or scary. Instead, I did what I do and took photos. Most of them are from the Pulse site, but a few are from around town.

The original sign--still standing strong.

Yes, ALL of your neighbors.

Street art

This sign is in a neighbor's yard. I asked her where she
got it, and she said that her whole subdivision put their
money together and had these specially made.
Her house is for sale, and when she sells it,
she promised to give it to me.

While I was driving around looking for signs, I saw this
memorial. A little brass plaque said it was dedicated to 
the 49 people of Pulse. I can't wait to swap books
with people. Books bring us together.

This is the CVS Pharmacy at Orange Ave. and Michgan St. in 
downtown Orlando. They've displayed this sign since the 
day the tragedy happened. It's never come down even
if the tree branches block it a little bit. I shop there 
as often as I can specifically because of that.

--Gardening is life--

So many places to donate blood! Big Red Buses are
out and ready to accept the gift of life.

I felt differently when I left than when I arrived. This place is definitely sacred ground.

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