Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pinterest Saturday - "Listen UP" Board

I've been yammering away about Pinterest of late, so I thought I'd implement a weekly Saturday post that includes a link to some of my favorite boards instead of copying & pasting them one pin at a time.  There are cuss words on some of them. Maybe a bare bewbie or two, and quite possibly the nearly naked Adam Levine pic. Mentioning this so everyone is sufficiently warned and no one will be unexpectedly offended. This holds for all the boards, not just this one.

For the debut installment, of course, it's all about meeeeeeeee!  This board is for quotes I need/want to remember, whether they made me cry, laugh, receive a life message, or hear a different point of view. Some of them even piss me off because they're right, but I needed to hear it.  Serendipity is awesome. Who knew she liked Pinterest, too!

Listen UP

There's one that the Universe intends for me to read this day. I'm looking for it now.  :)

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