Thursday, August 14, 2014


Felt like updating.  Job still going great, had two days this week where I made a couple of (fixable) mistakes. Today was much better.  I worked late last night and through lunch today to make up for the time I took off tonight to go to the Meet the Teacher event at the kids' school.  John Sam was nervous about meeting his teachers, but he talked with all of them except one--they moved her to a different room than she was supposed to be in and we couldn't find her. He got PE as his last class of the day, which is exactly what he wanted, and he's got classes with some of the same kids as last year. When Caroline met her teachers, most of them knew John Sam and asked him how his summer went. Then they asked her about her summer and how JS was as a big brother, and she said about halfway (or something to that effect).  Her world history teacher said the class puts on a Greek play, and she told him that was her specialty, because she's been reading a book series about gods and goddesses. She told the science teacher she didn't like raising her hand or speaking out in class, and he told her he could guarantee he'd call on her as much as everyone. She also got band, which she wanted, and the other elective was drama. She was mad she didn't get creative writing. I've always thought she be good at drama (*ahem*), but she's never expressed any interest in it. She'll be learning about it this year, though ;-)

Academically it's going to be a tough year for both of them.  We've got our "homework plan" in place so we can focus on learning, and when that is done, we can relax and unwind. Some relax by playing video games, some relax by reading books, some relax by writing.

It's been been tough to adjust to the time management issues I'm encountering. I've had to let some things go and that buggggs me.  Once the routine of school starts, I'm going to be better able to manage the smaller amount time that I have to do everything I want and need.  Staying up too late when you get into writing is very bad when you need to get up earlier in the morning than you have in about a year.  HA!  I've heard you can't really catch up on your lost sleep, but I'm gonna give it the old college try.

Cruising up to the 28th floor...


  1. Ah yes, every year that school starts & I don't have to, I get really excited! It's fun to hear about the kids & their choices in classes. You'll work out the schedule changes, but it will take some time...especially since everything changes! I hope that the kids will have their best year ever so far! I'm so happy that you're enjoying your new job & that you are happy! Wahoo, I say! Love them ALL! Has HRH adjusted to "his" new schedule? LQTM! I'm sure he's quite unimpressed!

  2. I am in awww of you getting a job and for being awesome!~!~ Patience my wise one everything will fall into place.. XOXO Love her and them!~!~!~!