Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Clearwater Vacay Pix

So much vacation, so little time.  How did three days go by so quickly?  I'm already saving my money for next year's trip!

Ocean in the background

View from our balcony. Hard to see it,
but "One Tree Island" is in the pic.

One of the few times I was busted taking
pictures without permission. JS said, "The
only reason we went on vacation is for
her to take pictures of us." 

What happened when I told JS
we went on vacations for other
reasons, too

First view of the ocean
(no filter on this shot) 

 Flip flops have to come off first

Step two: toes in the sand

Modeling on the beach 

Shell hunting

Also looking for shells...

Sunset - Tuesday 7/29/2014

 CGB on the shoreline

Seagulls, sunset, sand castle

Trying a Pinterest idea. The first one
(where they are farther from the camera)
looks better than the other version.

Nighttime swimming. They swam til
the hotel shut off the pool waterfalls
and underwater lights.

On the sand dunes near the
restaurant, Palm Pavillion. Hard
to believe how soft the sand was!

Sunset over sand dunes

Me on Day 1

Catching some light 

 This Pinterest idea didn't turn out too badly.

I hate toe pictures, but I'm okay
with this one b/c they're mine,
and because they look normal
with the water and foam on them.

Ocean, morning of last day.
Much clearer than the day
before--so much seawood one
day and barely any the next.

Building and digging

CGB original atwork - skyscraper

Thursday Morning Sunrise

Little kids - big ocean - bigger world

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  1. I think next year we should plan to go all of us and stay a week or 2.... LQTM. I would love to go and relax and walk along the beach. Love the pictures and her and them!~!~! I can not believe I can finally post on your blog!!!! XO :)