Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The new duct tape

I've nicknamed myself MacGyver Girl.  Let me share my latest fix-it secret.

Black and silver binder clips.  Like this:


Now do you believe me when I say it pays big time to be an office supplies dork?

Just last weekend, I used two different ones to fix two chronic plumbing annoyances. We'll  keep that non-specific. I keep one on the handle of my lawn mower so I don't have to hold the bar to keep the mower running. I'm lazy that way. I use them for electrical cord management. (Poor cord management says something about a person. I don't have time for that.) Also, they make excellent chip clips. Why buy those cute colored ones when black and silver never go out of style?

Tonight, I saw a woman whose rear view mirror was held on her car door by a humongous rusty one--easily the biggest binder clip in the world. Wonder where she got it?

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  1. Wench, haven't been checking your blog page in awhile, so imagine my surprise when I found a new one! Too cool. Love them! MD