Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon - Monday, April 14, 2014

Yesterday was a full moon and total lunar eclipse which gave us a "Blood Moon."  These first few photos are the full moon pre-eclipse, which I took because of the unique-shaped clouds and trees.  The others are during the eclipse. They're shaky because I was too much of a slacker to drag the tripod out between 1:55 and 2:40 a.m.  The tiny white squigglies in most of the photos are stars.  I also had two photos with orbs, but decided not to post them.  ha!

The next lunar eclipse is supposed to be in 2019.  We'll check back.

Full moon through clouds (around 9 pm)

Tree looks orange from street lamp light


Almost lined up

Photo, meh--but the top right star
looks like an angel, kinda

Not bad, even w/o tripod

The star looks like a musical note

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#EarlyA.M.Photog #TotalLunarEclipse 


  1. These are all wonderful - I don't blame you I would not have dragged out the tripod either, I couldn't even be bothered with the camera phone LOL! Great pics!

  2. Great pics! Looking forward to more! Love them! MD