Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mother Nature's Encore

Last night around 10:45, I heard a minute or so of rumbling and loud crashing.  I got my floodlight and went into the backyard, and yep......a large tree in my neighbor's yard had broken.  It fell from his side on our mutual fence and landed in my backyard.  When I look through the fence, I can't see any of his backyard.  Huge tree trunk is nearly horizontal, and branches are everywhere. The section of the tree where Mr./Mrs. Hoots sit is still there, but it's out in the open more than it was before, so I am not sure if the owls will still consider my backyard their summer home.

A gentle reminder that yesterday was Earth Day, ya'll.

Even in the demise of nature, there is beauty

1 comment:

  1. OH NO I hope that is not where Mrs. Hoots lived that will be so very very sad to not see her anymore... Oh Gesh.... Get your lawn man to clean up that messssssss.... :) I love them!~!` :) XOXOXOX