Friday, April 19, 2013

Disbelief #Boston Marathon Bombing

I'm so sad right now, so angry, so disappointed, so disheartened.  No matter what a person's political affiliation, religion, skin color, or gender, this event is shedding light on more than one problem that needs to be addressed in this country.  So many people have been affected by tragedy this year, and every time another incident happens, I feel more sadness and more anger.  And then my next thought is, there but for the Grace of God, go we.


  1. Very beautifully said Favorite Wench! Love them ALL!

  2. Yes it is sad what this world has become and Gramps said he was glad he would no longer be around to see the hate, the sickness of others I guess he is the wise one... I love them... XOXXXO :')