Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Last School Day

Sum-sum-sum-summertime is HERE! 

All over the state of Florida, kids are rejoicing.  Parents are misty-eyed.

Tomorrow, kids will still be rejoicing.  Teachers can take a breath for the first time since August 2011.  Parents will be writing their congressman with two requests.  First, teachers really DO need to make a million bucks a year.  Second, why didn't year round school ever catch on?

See ya, fifth grade and third grade!

John Sam & Caroline had very special teachers this year.  We wanted to make them thank you gifts.

We put insulated cups into the gift bags after we stuffed them with drink mix singles-to-go, Pixy stix and Smarties!  I made bookmarks for everybody, too.  We are lucky to have had such awesome teachers and administrators during the kids' time at LCE.

Here's a quick look at pictures from school days past....

From 2009

From 2006

Ok, I have to go blow my nose and start that draft letter to Messrs. Rubio and Nelson.

xo xo xo


  1. Great Pictures of the kids and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS go out to John Sam & "Miss Caroline Grace" for completing yet another year in school! Now it's sum, sum, summertime! WAHOO! I love them ALL & a happy birthday to Beamer Haas on Saturday! I miss the best ti__y baby ever! Love them ALL!

  2. I am so so so PROUD of my niece and nephew and OMGosh how they have grown since March are you kidding me... Look at those smiles... You give them a big huge hug from Aunt Laura and tell them how proud I am of both of them... They must get that smartness from their cool Aunt Laura.... LMFAO... :0) love them xoxxooxxoxo