Thursday, May 31, 2012

Safety Patrol

John Sam has been inducted into the Honorary Safety Patrol at LCE!   He’s wanted to be in the safety patrol since the first week of 5th grade.  When he put on the yellow belt, he also put on the smile that brings proud mama tears to my eyes.  I’m glad he was so excited about wearing it that he didn’t remember to be embarrassed by his mom taking (more) pictures.   My little man has turned into my medium man…..because he’s just not little anymore.

It may seem corny, but these kinds of moments are soooooo special to me.   One of the hardest parts about going back to work was my fear that I would have to miss a lot of the everyday-yet-one-of-a-kind events .  The kind that moms get to hold in the keepsake part of their hearts.   Or that the kids might believe I thought my work was more important than they are.   Or they would think my schedule is more of a priority than their accomplishments.  I take so many pictures because I want to make sure they know I’m always there for them no matter what else is going on.   I want to be a part of all their special moments that I can - because the keepsake part of me will never get too full.


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  1. A BIG congrats to John Sam and does he ever look so very handsome in his belt! That smile certainly says it ALL! I'm a proud Granny Old! Love to you ALL!