Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nine Decades of Life

Tomorrow--May 21, 2012--is Nana Shuman's 90th birthday.  How lucky and blessed we are to have her in our lives!  She had children, then celebrated as her children had children, and celebrated more when her grandchildren had children.  Not many families can boast four generations.

Special birthday love to Nana Shuman!  We love you very much with all of our hearts <3


  1. I think that Grandma Shuman looks beautiful as do all of you... Looking good there BBS... I know she truly enjoyed you all being there with her.. :0) I would like a picture of you and the kids with her... :0) Have a great week... Love them xoxoxoooxx

  2. Ok now I am telling you now that I want the picture of you and the kids and Grandma Shuman.. She looks GREAT for 90..... I love them and miss them xoxoxoxo :0) Second time posting comments.. Bwhahhahaahh