Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A true travesty

I am in shock as is the rest of this country.  :(

Caylee Marie Anthony got no justice today.

My comments to the jury are:

How do you think Caylee died?

Do you not remember the photos of duct tape around that precious soul's head?

You are going to be revolted when you hear all the information that you weren't allowed to hear.

Jose Baez is an absolute buffoon, but you've just made him famous.  And rich beyond his wildest dreams.  Yay for y'all.

Think about Caylee when you do that first interview (probably later today)....and when you get that big fat check from your book deal.

Last but not least, enjoy your blood money. Don't forget about the Universe repaying in kind. There's no way you're getting around that. 

Our justice system has proved it is an effed up mess. What little faith I had has been demolished. On the dark side:  There is one person who's probably very happy:  Mr. O.J. Simpson.  Maybe the two of them can get together and start a "Murderers Who Got Away With It" club.

Who else will be the next to go free after committing a horrible, unspeakable crime? Stay tuned!

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