Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain much?

I feel like I haven't been dry in three days.  I'm ready for the least little tiny ray of sunshine as soon as it can get here.  It's on the way :)

I will be hibernating until Sunday night - at which time my research paper will be done.  I left my library card at work (I hope that's where it is), so getting any serious research done tonight is out.  Grr.  What happened last time with regard to the writing of my paper is NOT going to happen this time.   Just sayin'.  I have a better plan this time and strategic maneuvering is involved. :-)

I have other class reading that I can do and most probably I will fall sleep before I'm finished.  Wouldn't hurt to get 40 extra winks, either, though, so that sounds to me like what they call a "win win" -

xo xo

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