Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last night in class the prof told me I got full credit on my presentation last week.  Whew!  Talking in front of the class makes me sweat..... but not in the good way, lol.  After class I re-averaged my grades and if we round out to 4 places, my average is (ahem)

95!!!!!!  Which is sponsored by the letter A!!!!    :D  All I need to focus on now is kicking a$$ on my research paper, and studying like crazy for the final.

I signed up for the first 6 weeks of summer session, and I'm taking the same professor I currently have, and the class is another level of American Lit.  I can't wait!!!!  Then I'll take the 2nd summer session off for a nice little break.  Then I'm hoping to get 2 classes conquered in the fall. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately.  First, research paper, then pictures.  I've got open roses on 3 of 4 bushes!  I bet this weekend I'll have 4 outta 4.

'Cause I'm a roll!!!

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  1. Fran I'm so proud of you! Great job. I really don't know how you do it!
    Big round of applause for for you!!!!