Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of vacation

My vacation is over and I wish it wasn't.  Wah!   Had a few pictures to post from the last couple of days, but was too busy doing said vacating to get them up here.  Here are the ones I took tonight.

No freaking out necessary; these aren't comets, fairies, ghosts or weird celestial bodies, they're plain old raindrops.  I was trying to get some lightning photos. When it started raining harder I was afraid the camera would get wet.  Isn't it cool, though, how they look like they're shooting up instead of coming down?  In this next one, it looks like I'm taking pictures of stars, but again--raindrops!

Clean room, yada yada yada.   

Back to the grind tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing my gal pals and chatting to get caught up, I mean working!  :)

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