Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crayola Model Magic

It would appear that some of my creative flair has been passed on to my children. Right now they're into making little tiny critters and objects with modeling clay.  They made all of these trinkets in about an hour, and all I heard was a lot of laughing and getting along.  When I moved them around so I could photo them, I discovered at least one thing they were laughing about:  the orange dog is anatomically correct from the rear view.

I would definitely say this product is aptly named.  :)

I'm going to list the things that are in the photos.  Try to find everything--like those I Spy books.  Lots of fun!

Large dog, small dog, chew toy, dog bone, caterpillar, bowtie, army tank, cat face, frosted sugar cookie, Hershey's kisses, snail, slug, fish, football, green M & M, green skittle, small cat, cake, sunflower, frog, a fat worm, and two white & purple blobs I'm not sure about.

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