Monday, March 2, 2015

Manic Monday

I've spent the last few days resetting, fixing, recopying, and reinstalling everything on the computer so I can get back to normal with the online routine. It's hard to blog in Caroline's room, ha! I don't want to move the desktop into the kitchen and on the dining room table--being that I just got it cleaned off and all--but she needs the privacy of her own room, and some of what I write isn't for 12 year old eyes, so I need privacy, too. ;)

I have to recopy all the pictures from the blog back onto the computer, too. I am glad that I put so many on here now because I lost every photo from November 2014 forward.

Today's been so (not) manic that I've gotta turn in early. It's 9:49 pm and all's well.


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