Saturday, June 28, 2014

In front of the lens

Everybody knows someone who won't get in the photo.  Or someone who stands behind all the other people in the photo, like a floating head with no noticeable imperfections.

If you are reluctant to be photographed, pleasepleaseplease read this article.  Get your a-double-s in the photo.  Your family loves you.  Your friends love you. They know you love them back.....but they need to see your love for them--you being present in the moment--and there's hardly anything better than having an image of people just loving each other.

The last couple of summers, I've even put on a bathing suit with no shorts or a coverup. Yes, I've been in better shape physically.  I've been thinner and fatter, whiter and more tan, had good hair and bad hair, and everything in between.  Yes, I'm still very self-conscious and it's tough to pretend like I'm okay with lettin' it all hang out (sorta).  The thing is, nobody cares about my cellulite except for me.  They might notice it, but so what?  It's part of me and they love every single atom of me no matter how it's packaged.


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  1. Wench, I think it was so sweet of C.G.B. to let you borrow her bathing suit! LQTM! Love them! Hi to HRH also!