Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer isn't over yet

We had a lot to do on the last day of summer.

We went to Fashion Square movie theater to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - it was hilarious! The three of us each got our own snack pak. John Sam was quite dismayed that the pak had such a tiny bag of M&M's. A lady I work with said her nephew calls those the NOT fun size, lol. Good thing I snuck in the humongous bag of Skittles I got for my b'day. Crisis and subsequent drama averted.

After the movie, the kids wanted to wander around the mall. That really means Claire's and Game Stop. Ha!  They were having a custom handcrafted show inside the mall. At the very end, two ladies had an orchid booth. I got on the email list for shows, and asked a few questions about cutting the spikes and which ones need to have a plant stake and which ones don't. I told the owner I had 5 at home and since it is my first batch, I was surprised at how well they were doing. She laughed and said, "You're hooked, don't try to hide it from an expert." I just happened to ask if red orchids existed, so she took me around the booth and showed me one. To me It looks dark burgundy, but she said that was about as close to red as they come. It was a want and not a need. Here is a picture of it--despite my knowing perfectly well that I should have waited and bought it at another time.


We got home and sorted out the uniforms. We wanted Papa Junk, I mean Papa John's, for dinner so that's what we got. We chowed down. That cheese and pepperoni pizza didn't stand a chance!

I got a customized manicure from Caroline.  See?

Last night on Zing's late night stroll around the park, I said to Caroline, "I can hardly believe ya'll have done so much growing," to which to she replied, "Well, believe it....(small pause)... ’cause you're living it."

Just typing that makes me crack up.

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Lots of new and fun things coming our way for 2012-13. 

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  1. Was that movie any good?? Wanted to buy it if it is worth it? Tell Caroline when you guys come down I need my nails and toes painted just like that. She did an awesome job.... Love them xooxo