Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 Easter Weekend

Today at the park there was a free Easter egg hunt from 10-12.   We just walked over!  :)  Plastic eggs were everywhere on the ground and not really hidden. Translation:  it was Candyland.  I still can't believe how many eggs JS and CG "found."  The event also had free lunch and every one of us had 2 hot dogs each, chips, lemonade or water, and Chips Ahoy.

Our annual egg coloring on the porch


The most special photos
from today (thanks for the
synonym, Sissy!!)

Happy Day Before Easter!


  1. OMG I can not believe how many eggs they got... Shoot send some to cousins the EB only left 12 here... I will have to not allow them to see these pictures or I am so busted... LQTM.. But they look so super cute. Happy Easter to my favorite BBS and kiddos.. WE Miss and Love you all so much xooxxooxxoxo

  2. oh ps. I am not believe you still have the yellow strainer OMG Lmao....ooooppppss It is EASTER should be Lmbo..teee heee I want some candy too.... :0) muahhhhhhhh

  3. John Sam & Caroline look mighty happy over their "finds!!!!!!!!!!" I'm so glad that ya'll had a great Easter Saturday! The pictures were totally fantastic! Keep up the good work, Mom Fran! I love them ALL! Did Zing find any eggs?!?