Monday, February 14, 2011

Minutiae Musings Vol. 4

To the guy in the yellowish Gremlin:  Dude, do you really need to go that slowly over the railroad tracks?  Is it to prevent parts of your car from falling off?  Please let me go around you without sign language.  Thanks.

After all these years, I've pinned down names to go with the four weeks of my months.  There is period week, skinny week, PMS week, and fat week.  Probably TMI, but I'm midway between PMS and fat weeks.  Just sayin' -

Finally getting to watch Westminster after the years with no cable.  This is their 135th year!  Retrievers are on tomorrow night, but the hounds were on tonight, then toy dogs, and non-sporting next. In toy dog group, I see no genuing fluffy fur, just cotton looking hair.  It doesn't even look real the way it's styled.  The dog I thought was the ugliest dog wins the round--the long-haired Pekingnese.  It looked like a shoebox on wheels with a two-tone wig on it.  Just awful.  At about 10:15, I saw that the Shar-Pei had won its group!  Of course that makes me think of Chubby-Smacks.  Woohoo!

College PSA:  When your professor says your reading assignment is dense, he's not kidding.

I think the planets must be in retrograde, lol.  I know a lot of people who are having challenging times right now.  I am thinking of everyone and sending love & prayers and positive thoughts.

Here's another six word story.  I think maybe I should say six word poem, as this one doesn't seem much like a story....


I'm hoping to get back on the picture posting.  In the meantime, hope you have a good Monday night.  xo xo

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